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Giving Back

At Vibrate Higher, our motto is simple yet effective: we aim to make the world a better place by invoking meaningful change at the grassroots level.

For us, this means abiding by the principle of paying it forward by working closely with the communities in need and launching numerous yearly campaigns to provide a little light in the world.

Vibrate Higher is a brand whose values are based around the principles of yoga, one of them being “seva”, or service, a value that continues to be in our core. 

With the help of its sister non-profit foundation, the Vibrate Higher Foundation, we’re able to provide the love, attention and energy needed to improve the lives of communities, individuals and families alike. 

We believe in the circle of light: we give light to share the light that can be passed onward for all to receive. 

With every item sold, Vibrate Higher donates a solar-powered lamp to individuals in Haiti who are without electricity providing them opportunities to study, eat, socialize and work without having to worry about any visibility  challenges. 

On the International Day of Light, Vibrate Higher donates 2 lamps instead of 1 with each purchase made. 

We believe that the physical and mental health of individuals is key to a healthy mind, body and soul.

20% of Vibrate Higher sales annually fund Vibrate Higher Foundation. Additionally, at select times throughout the year, 100% of the proceeds are donated to fund women’s health specific organizations and campaigns such as the annual march for International Women’s Month. 

Yoga is about holistic betterment, and we at Vibrate Higher believe that through charity, we can increase our mindfulness and consciousness.

Every June on the International Day of Yoga, we fund our yoga and mindfulness program that builds community yoga centers, empowers individuals and educates local instructors who have received their Yoga Teacher Training certification.

From one soul to another, from my hand to yours, we join together to serve the community and shine the light. 

We encourage you to be mindful and conscious as you interact with loved ones and strangers. Be aware of what you are giving and taking, 'Seva' can be love, attention, even energy. 

Together at Vibrate Higher, we are working to create a sustainable and fair world. One that we can all be proud to serve.

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