Vibrate Higher Affirmation Cards + Crystals Set

Vibrate Higher Affirmation Cards + Crystals Set


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Sometimes we want to invite more love into our life, sometimes we need to cleanse energy, and sometimes we need that inner peace and serenity. This set combines three vibrate higher affirmation cards, along with their corresponding crystals - all designed to invoke good vibes.

Cleansing Prayer, Vibrate Higher Mantra & Selenite

The cleansing prayer accompanies the selenite in ridding a space and mind of negative energy. To start your cleansing prayer, first try to empty your mind and take a deep breath. Then begin to shift your awareness and honor the cleansing prayer. Selenite is great for helping to remove energy blockages in the body by absorbing the negative. It can be placed on any area of the body that feels sore or tight, for about 20 minutes, to promote the cleaing out of stagnant and stale energy. It can also be placed in your home. The Vibrate Higher Mantra serves as a beautiful reminder that YOU have the power to increase your vibration

LOVE Affirmation & Rose Quartz

The LOVE Affirmation Card is designed to be used with the rose quartz stone during meditation or even on it's own as a gentle reminder. Repeat these affirmations to yourself or carry the card with you to help invite more love into your life. Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz is used to attract more love into ones life. It also helps to lower stress and tension in the heart and clear out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others.

Raise Your Vibration Affirmation & Blue Kyanite 

The Vibrate Higher Affirmation Cards serve as beautiful reminders that YOU have the power to increase your vibration, and influence the vibration of those around you. Blue Kyanite is a high vibration crystal known to help heal and align the chakras. This stone vibrates at a high frequency to help challenge preconceived thoughts with tranquility and compassion.It calms the mind and allows you to go deep into the restful and relaxing state required for a high vibration meditative experience.

(Card Set comes with 1 Selenite crystal, 1 Kyanite crystal and 1 Rose Quartz crystal)

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