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Words Are Powerful: Why We Believe In The Power Of Mantras And Wearing Them

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on January 02 2020

Our mission is simple; our mantra-based clothing promotes our values of mindful and conscious living.

We believe in the power of Mantras.

We believe in wearing our Mantras.

We believe in Vibrating Higher.

A MANTRA is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. The Sanskrit word consists of the root man- "to think" and the suffix -tra, designating tools or instruments, hence a literal translation would be "instrument of thought".

Mantras are unique in the sense that they take on a different meaning to each person. While generally rooted in the same ideas/thoughts, the beauty of them is that they can morph to fit each person.

 A mantra provides an easy channel for energy to flow in and out of your body.  A personal connection to a mantra can improve the effectiveness of the mantra

We believe in wearing our Mantras to share them with the world and create a bigger impact. Vibrate Higher promotes the values of mindful and conscious living through our mantra tees, tanks and accessories.

We hope to continue sharing our mission with the world, and to help everyone to #VibrateHigher.




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