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What Does it Mean to Vibrate Higher?

Written by Danielle Radulski


Posted on April 10 2017

Its our name, mantra and what we believe in- so, what does “Vibrating Higher” mean?

It means to pay it FORWARD.

It means to put others BEFORE yourself.

It means to want to make the world a BETTER place.

It means to be a part of a CHANGE that starts at a grassroots level.

It means to want to be the BEST version of yourself.

It means to think I CAN, rather than I CAN’T.

When you are Vibrating Higher, everyday you are working to better yourself with every ounce of mind, body and soul. You are constantly pushing higher, making better choices, helping others around you - and leaving the world better than you found it.

We want to inspire change throughout the world- and we believe that change, can start in one person’s heart, in one home, in one mind. Together, we can inspire global change and help people all over the world to #VibrateHigher.




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