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The best 5 minute mantra meditation for an abundant 2020

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on January 01 2020

Calling all High Frequency Friends,

I know, the idea of meditation can be intimidating, but the benefits tremendously outweigh those scary thoughts!  I’m here to help you with this easy 5-minute mantra meditation to help you have the most abundant year yet.  Go ahead and leave behind any negative energy, self-sabotaging thought patterns and make space to cultivate abundance, love and all that you desire in 2020 with the help of a meditation practice. I promise, you’ll thank me later 😊

How should I start?
In the words of William Wordsworth, “To begin, begin. 

Try This Meditation Using a Mantra: 

  • Find a mantra that speaks to you and set your intention. Use one of ours or create your own. Below is an extract of mine that you can use as a guide to start:
I am an abundant being.
I am surrounded by love and light.
I am vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. 
I seek only that which I need and that which is for my highest good.
I am constantly creating ways to make more money.
I am an abundant being. 
  • Find yourself in a comfortable seat in a chair or on the floor in a quiet space 
  • Let your eyes come to a close and start to focus on your breath
  • Notice every single bit of your inhale and every single bit of your exhale
  • After 5-8 cycles of breath begin to repeat your mantra slowly and steadily
  • Repeat with the natural rhythm of your breath
  • Repeat any phrases or words in your mantra that stand out to you. Don't worry about repeating it in order or verbatim 
  • Meditate and connect with your mantra for as long as you like

Using a Mantra is a great a way to keep your monkey mind focused.  A mantra provides an easy channel for energy to flow in and out of your body.  A personal connection to a mantra can improve the effectiveness of the mantra. 

I’ve put together a High Vibration box set with everything you need to kick off the New Year and maintain a steady mantra meditation practice, including my full mantra that I repeat every morning to bring me abundance. 


 WARNING: Vibration will increase upon opening of this box! 

The High Vibration box is designed to increase your vibration and bring you to a higher state of consciousness. Use all of the ingredients in this box to create a magical, healing, high vibration experience for yourself.

It includes a Vibrate Higher Racerback Tank, 2 of my favorite crystals; Blue Kyanite and Selenite! AND you’ll also receive a clearing smudge with sage and Palo Santo. Grab some matches and prepare to re-align the vibrations in your home! 



I’m so happy to share pieces of what I’ve picked up along the way and wish you well on your meditation journey.  It is a journey, that is for sure!  I wish you peace and everything else your heart desires in 2020!

With love and the Highest Vibrations,



Yogini in Chief at Vibrate Higher





  • I ♥️ this! I have been wanting to start a meditation practice but don’t know where to begin. Thank you for this intro! I am going to try it today! 🙏

    Posted by Arleen F OBrien | January 02, 2020
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