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New Year, New You? How to Make an Impact on Yourself AND Others in 2019

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New Year’s Resolutions always come at us quick - they can be big, daunting and overwhelming. But we don’t have to change everything - there’s things that can stay the same, and there’s things we can just improve upon. There’s also ways we can approach our New Year goals to help them last, long term! Oh, and did we mention you can do this ALL while helping OTHERS, too?!

Keep reading to find out how…

1.Set Realistic Goals & Start Slowly


Goals are good. Great even, but sometimes starting smaller is better than bigger. For instance - if your goal is to workout more - start with 2 times per week, then increase to 3 times and so on and so forth. Make sure to not try and change everything at once - keep good habits intact, and just tackle the bad ones, first! The more we set ourselves up for success - the more likely we are to continue sticking with these new and improved habits.


2. Create Lifestyle Changes Rather Than Quick Fixes


When working on your New Year goals - think about things that are attainable that you can keep for longer than just the first month of the year. When we create lifestyle changes, we’re more likely to stick with things that make an impact on our lives long term. For example - if your goal is to get up earlier in the morning - commit to that Monday - Saturday (or Friday 😜), and give yourself Sunday to sleep in!


3. Find Something For YOU


Chances are - you do a lot of things for other people. New Year’s Resolutions however should also fuel your soul, mind, and body. Find one thing to do per day that is just for YOU! Whether it’s stopping at your favorite cafe for a tea or coffee, reading a book for a few minutes, wearing your favorite mantra tee, or even winding down with a bath in the evening - those few minutes make a difference.


4. Connect With a Mission



As humans, we want to be a part of something more, something bigger. Not to mention Volunteerism has been shown to improve health by strengthening the body, improving mood, and lessening stress (talk about a win win)! There’s so many growing non-profit foundations and communities that need help. Through the Vibrate Higher Foundation’s “Be The Light Campaign we donate a solar powered lamp to a family in Haiti for every item we sell.


Find a mission that you connect with - and volunteer some of your time, energy or knowledge. A few hours a week, or even a month - can go a long way. There are more than 1.8 million active nonprofits in the United States alone, so the ability to volunteer is truly endless 😊!


5. Find a Mentor, Or Become a Mentor!


Spread the love, knowledge and enthusiasm of your New Year goals. Whether you’re looking to BE inspired by someone or inspire someone yourself - the more we share, the more we can not only impact our own lives, but also the lives of others.


The bottom line? Start small, stay consistent and find something that fuels your soul and increases not only your vibration, but the vibration of others!


Do you have any tips for making an impact on yourself and others this New Year? Share with us in the comments! ⤵️



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