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How to Vibrate Higher to unlock abundance for 2020

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on January 02 2020


Calling all High Frequency Friends,

Are you ready to have the most abundant year yet?  Go ahead and leave behind any negative energy, self-sabotaging thought patterns and make space to cultivate abundance, love and all that you desire in 2020 with the help of a meditation practice. I promise, you’ll thank me later 😊

I know, the idea of meditation can be intimidating, but the benefits tremendously outweigh those scary thoughts!  I’m here to help you with this easy 4 minute mantra meditation to help you have the most abundant year yet. 

Why meditate with a mantra? Using a Mantra is a great a way to keep your monkey mind focused.  A mantra provides an easy channel for energy to flow in and out of your body.  A personal connection to a mantra can improve the effectiveness of the mantra.  We have a some mantra affirmation cards already created on Vibrate Higher that will help you align your vibes.  Use one of ours or create your own.

How should I start?
In the words of William Wordsworth, “To begin, begin.


  • Find a mantra that speaks to you and set your intention. Use one of ours or create your own. Below is an extract of mine that you can use as a guide to start:
I am an abundant being.
I am surrounded by love and light.
I am vibrating at a higher level of consciousness.
I seek only that which I need and that which is for my highest good.
I am constantly creating ways to make more money.
I am an abundant being.
  • Find yourself in a comfortable seat in a chair or on the floor in a quiet space 
  • Let your eyes come to a close and start to focus on your breath
  • Notice every single bit of your inhale and every single bit of your exhale
  • After 5-8 cycles of breath begin to repeat your mantra slowly and steadily
  • Repeat with the natural rhythm of your breath
  • Repeat any phrases or words in your mantra that stand out to you. Don't worry about repeating it in order or verbatim 
  • Meditate and connect with your mantra for as long as you like

I’ve put together a High Vibration box set with everything you need to kick off the New Year and maintain a steady mantra meditation practice, including my full mantra that I repeat every morning to bring me abundance. 


 WARNING: Vibration will increase upon opening of this box! 

The High Vibration box is designed to increase your vibration and bring you to a higher state of consciousness. Use all of the ingredients in this box to create a magical, healing, high vibration experience for yourself.

It includes a Vibrate Higher Racerback Tank, 2 of my favorite crystals; Blue Kyanite and Selenite! AND you’ll also receive a clearing smudge with sage and Palo Santo. Grab some matches and prepare to re-align the vibrations in your home! Shop the box here.

I’m so happy to share pieces of what I’ve picked up along the way and wish you well on your meditation journey.  It is a journey, that is for sure!  I wish you peace and everything else your heart desires in 2020!

With love and the Highest Vibrations,



Yogini in Chief at Vibrate Higher





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