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How to Pick a Mantra

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on January 01 2020

At Vibrate Higher, we have lots of amazing mantras - and want to help YOU choose one that’s perfect for you! But first, back to basics - If you’re wondering what a “mantra” is…

A Mantra is:

  • A word or sound repeated to aid in concentration in meditation
  • A statement or slogan repeated frequently
  • A word or phrase that is rooted in intention and chosen to repeat daily

Phew! Now that we understand that - how exactly do you choose a mantra that’s best for you?

Step 1: Take a Scan of Mind & Body

Start to become a bit more in tune with your body - what do you need? What do you want? How are you feeling? Start to write these things down or take a very clear mental note.

 Step 2: Choose Your Priority

Hone in on the feeling that comes to mind MOST prominently or frequently. For example, maybe it’s the feeling of stress, or not having enough time in a day to do the things that you want.

 Step 3: Choose Your Mantra

Allow your mantra to deal directly with the priority you choose. It should directly counter the negative feelings - and allow them to become positive.

For example - oftentimes if people are dealing with feels of unease, or stress - the mantra “ I am Enough” may be a good one to go with. Or if you’re feeling like you need a bit more strength - choosing a mantra like “This too shall pass.”

Here’s some other suggested mantras and their counter feelings:

Love   “I am love.”

Calmer Mind   “I breathe in love. I exhale stress.”

Anxiety  “I am surrounded by love and light.

 Happiness “I choose joy.”

Self-Worth “I am deserving of wonderful things.” OR “I am more than enough.”

Repeat your mantra. All day, every day. Write it down, repeat it in your mind. Say it to yourself on your commute, as your making dinner, as you’re taking a shower - there is always time to remind yourself that YOU are enough.

Live your Mantra. Remind yourself of your mantra on a daily basis. Live it, wear it and share it.





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