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How to Make a Vision Board

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 While to some a vision board may just look like a sporadic collage- to others it’s a way to creatively begin to manifest your dreams - and vibrate higher. A vision board helps teach you the power of visualization - and really get clear on what you need, want, and value and then beginning to take aligned action towards those intentions.

Here’s some tips on creating your first vision board:

1.Set Intentions

This doesn’t mean you need to sit down and plan out the next 30 years of your life- but be mindful of the things that come to the forefront of your mind when thinking about the future. Maybe try answering questions like: What do you want/need? What are things that you value? What words do you think define yourself and the life that you want? What are things you like to do in your free time? What is one of the biggest character traits that you value about yourself and others?


2.Find Supplies (and space!)

Scissors and glue/tape are a must- but the rest is up to you. Find things that inspire you whether it’s favorite magazines, printing out items from Pinterest or your favorite websites, pictures of friends/family/things/places etc. It can also be flyers, labels or anything else you come across that you like. Try looking specifically for things that invoke the feeling under your intentions.

Try not to think too hard about this step- it should be fun. You should be choosing things that you are naturally drawn to, rather than having to seek out lots of random things. When it feels right- just cut them out! Set aside any images that still feel good but don’t quite fit what you are going for- as you can use them in future pages or boards.

***Be sure not to choose images that cause you to compare or feel anything less than amazing!

Make sure that wherever you start to create - there’s enough space. Generally a wide open table or floor is a good area- so that you don’t feel restricted and can allow your creative juices to flow!


3.Cut (or rip) and Paste -> CREATE!

Use scissors (or don’t!) and start to craft your vision board. This may come to you in a more natural collage format, or maybe something more regimented. There is no RIGHT or WRONG answer here.

You can choose to use a large poster board, a cork board, or maybe simply a notebook with lots of open space.

Allow the items/words/images that resonate most with your intentions - to be the first things that you place on your vision board.


4.Find a Home for Your Vision Board

Now it’s time to display it! Use the vision board as a visual reminder of what you want in life and what you’re working towards. Maybe setting it on your desk, a bookshelf - or somewhere that you look everyday -that way each time you see it you can reconnect with why you created it.

Bottom line: The more you see your goals and dreams - the more real they start to become!



As all things in life are always changing, so are goals, dreams and desires - so every couple months re-visit that board. Maybe making changes, removing or adding things - or even starting a new vision board all together.

As your visualization tactics start to work- you will see your board start to evolve.


Using the power of vision boards is yet another way you can start or continue to Vibrate Higher.



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