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Holy Shift- Why We Need to stop reacting and start creating!

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on August 08 2018


written by Kelly from @bleeckerandbliss and 

image source: pinterest 

We have our five (but really, six 😉) senses to help us access the world around us. Without them, we’d be fumbling around in the dark, eating boiled brussels sprouts and probably not using deodorant. Our senses facilitate the transactions between our bodies and the universe. But there’s more to the story. Involved in every transaction is some form of currency. In our human transactions with our friends, romantic partners, the Kardashians, and pizza, that currency is energy.

Remember studying the difference between primary and secondary sources in fourth grade? I could never understand why, but we talked about this (kinda simple concept) ad nauseum. If I witnessed the World’s Fair in 1805 and I wrote about it in my diary, that’s a primary source for me. But if my great-granddaughter reads said diary a century later, that’s a secondary source for her. Energy follows a similar concept. Our own energy is the only primary source in the universe we have access to. Our entire human experience is determined by the way in which our energy interacts with the energy of everyone, everyplace and everything around us. I can’t directly access your energy. I can only access my energy as it interacts with yours.

Everything we experience in human form is conveyed through energy. When we interact with Suzie, we might say “OMG, I just love Suzie.” But what we really mean is, “OMG, I love the way my energy responds to Suzie’s energy.” Everything is a conversation between energies. If the meeting of two sets of energies is harmonious, our brains receive positive, loving, pleasurable signals that tell us to seek out that energy again.

We intake new energy all the time, from the food we eat to the people we surround ourselves with. By making healthy life choices, we increase our inflow of good energy. Easy peasy. But the thing is, we never learn how much command we actually hold over our energy. Until we learn how our energy bodies work, we crumble in the face of low-vibe frequencies like emotionally abusive partners or soul-sucking jobs. When we interact with something that doesn’t feel good to us, all we know is to recoil and numb. We incorrectly believe our only energetic capacity is limited to that of response and reaction. The energy around us dictates how we interact with the world, and if we don’t realize our creative power in the process, our responses become automatic. It’s like having your auto email response on all the time, even when you’re sitting at your computer: “Thanks for your crappy energy! I don’t know how to override your low vibes with my own high vibes, so I’ll spend the next three hours wallowing in despair, unable to distinguish my natural state of being from yours. Have a great day!”

I truly believe the greatest shift we can undergo is from reactive to creative energetic beings, (which, by the way, is totally possible). Look at the Ascended Masters: Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Oprah. Aside from the macro stuff like a deep understanding of the universal laws of love and goodness, they have one extremely important micro commonality: they are all absolute masters of their energy. No devil-on-the-mountain or unflattering swimsuit shot in Us Weekly can tempt them to abandon their high-vibe energetic existence to match the low vibe of their tormenter. They know their “home” frequency so well and trust in it so implicitly that nothing can threaten their state of being. This is how we all deserve to live.

Seem impossible? It’s not! The big secret to creating the life you want is by assuming creative responsibility for it. How can we expect to create life if all we ever do is react to life? If we want the beautiful, abundant, ever-blossoming energetic garden, we have to plant it ourselves. If we don’t, we’ll be left waiting for good energy to happen to us so we can scramble to harvest the scraps and enjoy the temporary high of outsourced energy. It’s within our power to become completely self-sustaining energy ecosystems that don’t require subsidization from anyone or anything else. Create good, attract more good, enjoy and share said good. Rinse, repeat. But the very first step in this creative process is to get really clear about exactly how you’re vibrating now, and exactly what kind of energy you’d like to begin creating more of for yourself.

Sit and just listen every day until you can feel you in your purest energetic form, and can come back to this place with ease whenever you’d like. This is your soil, your foundation for all the energy you want to manifest. Then add your flowers and greenery by simply deciding how you want to feel and feeling it, guilt-free. As you feel your vibration rising, you’ll begin to notice high-vibe things, people and situations showing up at every turn. It’s time we start creating the energy that will materialize into the physical life we want, instead of pursuing the physical things and hoping they turn into the energy we need. Happy creating!



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