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Gifts That Give Back: The Vibrate Higher Gift Guide

Written by Danielle Radulski


Posted on November 18 2018

The season of giving is upon us, and it’s such a special time to take this as an opportunity to spread love and compassion. Gift giving is used as a symbol of our appreciation for each other, and we encourage you to take it a step further this year -- by supporting brands who support others. Use your money to not only get that special someone a gift they will treasure, but also to support communities, people and causes that deserve our attention.

Here at Vibrate Higher, every purchase you make helps give the gift of light to an underprivileged family in Haiti. It’s these types of missions that will change the world. We are more equipped than we think to lend a helping hand, and the holidays are the perfect time to get started.


1. High Vibration Box from Vibrate Higher


WARNING: Vibration will increase upon opening of this box!

The High Vibration box is designed to do exactly that - increase your vibration and bring you to a higher state of consciousness. Use all of the ingredients in this box to create a magical, healing, high vibration experience for yourself.

This box has been specially designed to include:

  • Vibrate Higher Racerback Tank: Choose to vibrate higher than the rest, as if there is no other option. Whether you’re headed to a power vinyasa class or getting ready to meditate at home - this versatile, light-weight racerback tank will remind you to always connect back to yourself, and your vibration.
  • 2 Blue Kyanite Stones: Blue Kyanite is a high vibration crystal known to help heal and align the chakras. This stone vibrates at a high frequency to help challenge preconceived thoughts with tranquility and compassion.It calms the mind and allows you to go deep into the restful and relaxing state required for a high vibration meditative experience.
  • 1 Selenite Stone: Selenite is know to help achieve mental clarity and a sense of inner calm while also getting rid of bad energy and energy blockages. This stone is powerful when used in meditation or placed in the home.
  • Clearing Smudge with Sage and Palo Santo: This ancient ritual is known for its ability to clean energy, restore balance, and banish negativity. Grab some matches and prepare to re-align the vibrations in your home!
  • Affirmation Card: Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that WE are in charge of our own vibration. Let these affirmation cards act as a beacon of hope, positivity, and love.

Shop the box here.


2. Succulents from The Citizenry

 Succulents are a wonderful addition to any space -- bringing nature inside can provide a sense of calm that we can appreciate extra over the holidays. The Citizenry provides home goods of all kinds, all made with a soul, a story and a purpose, and this succulent planter is no exception. Perfect for a small cactus or air plant, this planter was handcrafted in a fair trade environment of Uganda. Ten percent of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly back into these artisan communities.


3. Created Co. Coffee Mug

 While living each day, coffee could be considered our engine, but the fuel is water. Created Co. combines both, crafting and selling coffee mugs for homes and cafes while giving back a portion of the proceeds to charity: water, a nonprofit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Learn more about their mission here.

4. Kicks, Apparel & Accessories that Give Back from TOMS

Sales of TOMS Shoes, Eyewear, Coffee and Bags drive giving through the TOMS One for One® model. Every time a TOMS product is purchased, a person in need is helped - bringing them shoes, sight, water, safe birth or bullying prevention services. Learn more about their mission here.


We hope this guide helps you to shop conscious and help others in need through your holiday shopping! Happy Holidays and keep raising vibrations all over the world! 



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