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be the light: may 2018 mission trip

Written by Alexandra Auguste


Posted on July 17 2018

Vibrate Higher’s most recent mission trip took place in May 2018 in Haiti. Upon our arrival, The VH team was welcomed by Haitian residents with open arms, big smiles and warm hugs. With the help of our loyal customers and supporters, Vibrate Higher was able to donate solar lamps throughout the cities of llet Sab, Grand Goave, Jacmel and Cap-Haïtien.

 On the small Island of llet Sab, where only 4% of its population can afford electricity, Vibrate Higher was able to donate a lamp to each and every home.

 In Grand Goave, a small town in the south of Haiti, where 90% of its infrastructure was victimized by the 7.0 Earthquake of 2010, Vibrate Higher provided lamps to homes ran by single women who make a living fishing the dangerous waters with their small boats. They were provided with lamps that came equipped with an SOS function. The women were thrilled that the waterproof lamps could not only light their way home but also serve as a way to communicate with those on land in an emergency.

In Jacmel, another city in the south of Haiti, we donated lamps and much needed supplies to Kay Angel Orphanage and to Jasper House shelter and vocational center for domestic and sexual abuse victims.

 Vibrate Higher volunteers then headed North to Cap-Haïtien where we provided lamps to all of the 1st graders at L’Ecole du Sacre Coeur and to the  Women’s Associate of Rue 12.

 With all things considered, Vibrate Higher’s May 2018 Mission Trip was a huge success, and full of eye-opening moments. We thank each and every customer who choose to Pay It Forward and hope to have the opportunity to donate more lamps among other resources on our next mission trip - Help us in our never-ending mission of continuing to be the light in the lives of others!



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