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5 Ways to Spend Your Date Night In

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on March 19 2020

Date nights can sometimes be a little too routine for us here at Vibrate Higher! So to help keep your vibes high and flowing with new energy and excitement, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to change things up and take your date night in. Skip out on the dinner reservations this weekend and try one of these!


1.) Tantric Yoga + Meditation  

Take your relationship to the next level through a few tantric yoga and meditation techniques. This can be a fun and intimate way to explore and deepen your bond together as a couple. Some of our favorite postures to practice include Partner Boat Pose, Partner Child’s Pose, Hand on Heart, and Yab-Yum (pictured above). For meditation, choose themes to focus on such as a memory or feeling and begin to sync your breath together. Remain connected in one of our favorite postures and start to feel the tantric energy flowing through your fields. For guided videos or audios, check out Youtube or Spotify to help guide your practice.    


2.) Self-Care for Two 

Couples who take care of each other, stay together! Spend your date night In with a wellness prix fixe! Vibrate Higher’s got just the set up for yah! Our Self-Care Couples Box includes matching mantra t-shirts, affirmation cards, crystals, and face masks for the perfect night in. Enjoy spoiling each other with fun and thoughtful wellness treats!  Grab your box right here

3.) Read from the Heart  

Grab your favorite book, poem, or author and take turns reading to one another. Create space to talk and discuss what you love about each read. Set the mood with low lighting, soothing aromas, and even light music. You can even try writing your own words about each other, to share and reflect on. 


4.) Create your own romantic dinner 

Why make reservations out when you can make reservations in? Make a night of it and choose some fun recipes for a full three-course meal. Go shopping for ingredients together, pour a glass of wine while you take turns with directions, play some tunes, and enjoy cooking together! When cooking from a place of love, your vibes will pour into the food and multiply your heart’s energies! After all, the heart of the home is in the kitchen. 


5.) Make an In-Home Scavenger Hunt  

Channel you and your partner’s inner child and create an in-home scavenger hunt. Give your partner clues and tasks to complete around the house and even play with rearranging furnishings and decor to throw them off a bit. Make them work for it! Choose an end reward like a special gift or sexy gesture to start the night off! 


Use this night in to truly appreciate one another and spend quality time together in the home you’ve built! A true date night is one that isn’t forced with fancy reservations and red roses. It’s one that’s built from a genuine appreciation for each other. Celebrate the love you share, right from the comfort of your own home!



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