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Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul during COVID-19 Quarantine

Written by Vibrate Higher LLC


Posted on April 04 2020

Our hearts are a sacred place, full of endless potential. They hold all our dreams, sense of self, and of course our love. While it may come easy to spend our heart’s energies on others, it’s not always easy to leave some for ourselves. We are in a crucial time in human history where we need to preserve our heart’s energy to send love, pray for and meditate with the world. To truly love who we are, we must take care of ourselves and awaken the love that’s already within. This is the thought we had in mind when we created the Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul Box here. We believe It is the cultivation of pure love that will help us remain true and grounded as humanity fights to regain its power. As such, one of the things that is paramount at Vibrate Higher is we live by our mantras. One step to unleashing your inner love is to live by your words. The words we speak and think carry weight. Start by finding or creating a mantra that resonates with your morals, life purpose, or a personal goal. Use this mantra during meditation sessions, when fear sets in or just to feel gratitude and calmness by chanting it in front of a mirror, setting your intention on the mat, or writing in your journal. You’ll begin to feel the words sync with your heart, in no time! Click here and see some of the mantras we use at Vibrate Higher.

As we witness social distancing, it is more important to set boundaries for yourself, to respect who you are, what you stand for, and to ultimately set the value of your love. The boundaries we set now can be beyond the virus. Boundaries, in general, are meant to help us maintain our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing at any given time. Start by listing all the things that push past your limits and force your heart to work overtime. These can include things like saying yes to a date you didn’t want to go on, listening to a friend vent about their relationship when you’ve already given them advice twenty times, or spoiling your partner with expensive dinners that blew your entire paycheck. It can also involve listening to the news or absorbing the fear of the collective energy. Take a look at our Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul Box here which can serve as a starter kit. 

Create limits for how much your heart gives and don’t be afraid to say no when you’ve reached your limit. Set the standard for your love and honor it, always. Yet, do not allow boundaries and social distancing to stop you from remaining true to yourself. As humans, we are social creatures. We find comfort, support, and love through one another. By spending time with our family and friends, the love we give back is always returned. It’s a booster for awakening our inner love goddess. We have amazing technology at our disposal, now is the time to use it wisely. As you set boundaries and reflect on your life, prioritize what and who is important to you. Who do you want to share your energy with? It could be your mom, your friends etc, give them a video call or text them and plan a self-care activity of some sort online! Because why not? Gather friends, family or neighbors on a video call or google hangout and make it a self-care, self-love day. Invite your friends to explore our Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul Box here. This can be a gateway to putting time aside for Facemask and Zoom! We understand that sometimes we need a little oomph to keep us going or get us thinking creatively.

It is important to note, one of the hardest things we face as humans is feeling guilty about treating ourselves right and pampering ourselves. What does this mean exactly? It means allowing yourself to indulge mindfully without shame or judgment. How? Find the things you love to do that make your heart sing...and DO them! With all of us human beings at home, what a better way to take the time to know ourselves better? Pour a hot bubble bath for yourself, put a facemask on, dance, draw, paint, blast Fleetwood Mac, grab your ice cream from the freezer-whatever it may be. Treating yourself with all the things you love will raise your heart’s vibrations. Explore our Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul Box here. We are grateful for the opportunity to share Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul Box here with you because these are goodies we use on a daily. As I write this, I have my Rose Quartz bracelet and stone on my desk. 

Be grateful that you can even think about self-care, many people have no idea they have the power to take care of themselves first. When you are grateful, it does not mean that everything is necessarily good. It just means that you can accept it as a gift. Whatever we put out into the universe multiplies, and then comes right back to us! We see it every day as events that happened to us in the past resurface and we have no idea how it happened. Damian Marley wrote about this in his song Speak Life and it goes, “It's a mystery how we can keep repeating our history-making the same mistakes as our ancestry seem like all of life lessons missed with”. Keep this in mind and grow the love for yourself with gratitude. Especially this moment that we have an abundance of time, read books on Law of Attraction, Laws of Life and the power of gratitude. Be thankful for who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and the talents you have. Some of our favorite ways to vibrate in gratitude are to meditateservice others, and to dream. Find ways in which you can be grateful for everything that life throws at you...because then, it will keep throwing back at you all that you are grateful for! 

There are so much more we can do at this time. It seems the wind is blowing louder, the birds are constantly singing, you can smell the earth and trees. Or is it just us? Do you also feel that it has been raining much more? The earth is detoxing. Which gives us enough time to detox our mind, body and soul, detox our thoughts. It is an important time for self-care and self-love. Do not feel guilty to take this time for yourself, because you are the most important piece in the puzzle. If you are not healthy mentally, physically or emotionally how can you help others? Our Self Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul Box here is designed specifically to help you make space for yourself, to love and honour yourself, but most importantly, to help you put yourself first because if we do not exist, none of the things we worry about exists for us. What does that tell you?

As always, #vibratehigher and let the love flow from within




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